OC1 Taster Days and Boat Rental from Green Wave Guiding

OC1 Taster Days

Course description – These days are ideal for people looking to try out oc1 boating before committing to buying or perhaps just looking for a bit of fun and a different way to approach the river. Generally, we ask people to have some experience paddling kayaks or canoe on grade 2 and above rivers, to have a basic understanding of river features and ways to approach them.
if you are not sure feel free to get in touch for a chat.

Due to the nature and design of the boats used we are limited in terms of the size of people can fit inside the boat.
Generally if you are smaller than 6’2 and under the 100kg mark we can find something to suit you.

In Brief

• 1 Day
• 1:4 Ratio
• Boats, airbags and paddle included
• Try out your skills in Oc1
• Coaching and Tips
• Great Value
• Price £100 pp – You will need to source, your own accommodation, transport to and around Scotland and trip insurance/personal insurance

What we will cover

• Boat outfitting and equipment
• Entering and exiting the boat
• Transferable skills from other crafts
• Time to explore and try out new ideas
• Skills coaching
• Safety and self-rescue techniques

At the end of the day, we will give you help and advice on where and who to talk to if you think it is something you would like to invest in.

Some of our favourite venues – Spey, Tay, Oich

See calendar for course dates!

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OC1 Boat Rental and Taster Days with Green Wave Guiding

Boat Rental

Planning a trip to Scotland and can’t transport your own boat?

We are one of only a few places in UK and probably the only place in Scotland you can find a full kitted out selection of OC1 boats. We have 2 x agent 88s, 3 x Covert 9.3s and a tandem ready covert 10.5.

All our boats are kitted out with Super durable Tribal Air Bags and fitted with closed sell foam saddles. Come and pick them up from our base or we can possibly arrange a drop off and pick up for an additional cost.

Rental Agreement – When hiring any Green Wave guiding equipment for your personal use e.g., boats you are making a personal judgement that you have the necessary skills and experience to use this equipment safely in the environment, venue, grade of river, trails, ski run etc. that you chose to use it.

Green Wave Guiding is not liable for any personal injury or incident that may occur due to your choices whilst the hire equipment is with you. You are also liable for any damage, loss or theft of the equipment while it is hired in your keeping.

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